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Polarean Imaging Plc is a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with registered number 10442853.

Polarean is a clinical-stage company with a core technology that is a drug-device combination product that enables the visualisation of hyperpolarised 129Xe ("HPX") using MRI technology to help diagnose lung disease earlier, identify the type of intervention likely to benefit a patient, and to monitor the efficacy of treatment. It is currently being used at a number of research sites on a pre-FDA clearance basis to facilitate the research and evaluation of lung function, to assist in making improved disease progression assessment and to clearly visualise the effectiveness of several therapeutics which are under development.

The Board places great importance on the need for effective communication with investors and the media. To ensure that all existing and future stakeholders are able to track our progress and obtain updates as soon as available, we would encourage registration to our alert service.


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